When we write| A poem

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This poem is dedicated to all the writers and to those who feel like or know they have a story, ideas etc to share but are not primarily writers. Own your roar. The world can’t wait for it.

When we write

Hearts stop,

but beat to the sound of every verb and syllable able to streak a cord to every vein. Mending every faulty artery in need of surgery.

When we write,

the rhythm of our words open valves, allowing blood to flow to every dark corner of every heart that needs color, and

painting words of hope.

When we write,

scary as it can be to put your heart out there, knowing you will have to move across the oceans and walk upon the waters,

know that it is there your faith will be made strong.


you will learn to own your voice….


you will learn to own your roar….

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When we write


as we let our fingers tap the keyboard or as we let them wrap around every pen, creating phrases and sentences.

Allow your words to be an outpouring of your creator.

Then will your words be weapons able to cut between joint and marrow, exposing every inner most thought that has been held captive by the world’s thought pattern.

Then will your words unchain and give freedom to the captive.

When we write,

we allow words to come alive.

we give them freedom to be who they really are; long, short or complicated. Because let’s be honest these words need someone to read and sometimes understand them too.

When we write,

Our words will rip off pages reaching every eye of different color.

These words do not discriminate…. If at all you come across words that have been used to hurt people, always remember your ink has the power to unite people.

Our words have the power to help people believe we all bleed the same.

When we write,

fiction or not

we unchain our thoughts….

We give them freedom to believe they too can unleash ideas that can change the world.

We make them believe

they too can tell stories,

make music,

inspire and

make people laugh.

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When we write,

we will make mistakes, but it’s okay.

That too is part of the process.

When you write and your words are not accepted, yield to criticism.

Understand also that your words are not for everyone to accept.

It’s okay even if the only audience you are writing for is you!

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When we write,

some days will be merry,

words will flow in an unbroken chain.

Some days will be flat out frustrating, words will play hide and seek.

That too is a part of the process.

Thank you for reading ❤️

much love•••


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